9 method effective masturbation addiction

Here’s the safe way to get rid of masturbation addiction for both sexes.

Restrictions touching sensitive parts of the body, especially the “private parts” unless washing. After the bath, avoid at herself in the mirror if you do not wear. It should dry yourself immediately, quickly dressed and out of the bathroom.

Restrictions are alone or to yourself long drift in feelings of sadness, loneliness, despair. In particular, the time seemed difficult to control emotions, spend most of the time for work, study, family relations, friends or relax, have fun … to reduce libido.

When lying in bed, wearing pajamas Tannen or other clothes, do not let her have a chance to touch the private parts, stimulate desire to masturbate. Where desires too high, you should get out of bed immediately, even at midnight. Meanwhile, you can snack kitchen feels passed or reading books, watching a comedy …

Get out of bed when awake in the morning and start the day with a meaningful activity, is long means you are inadvertently creating opportunities for emerging desire to masturbate.

Keep in mind healthy by reading books, newspapers, pictures, stories … with positive content. If you follow direction, be gradually formed the habit of praying, pray each day to reduce libido, desire itself.

The regular exercise, regular exercise will help you improve health, reduce stress, stress in life. You should select an appropriate sport to practice. That will help you overcome cravings masturbation.

Please urinate frequently to maintain bladder condition “empty”, without urinary retention. You should also note, the amount of water in the bladder proportional to the libido.

Absolutely stay away from books, pornography on the Internet or any other means of public television.

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