9 Ultimate Tips to Last Longer in Bed and Increase Stamina

Guys, not only am I going to share with you three quick-fix tips you can try tonight to add 10-25 minutes to your current sex stamina without any medicine but even six long-term methods for absolute control over your ejaculation!

Just by applying these 9 helpful, yet sometimes little bit controversial tips you can drastically change your love life once and for all. These tips will show you how to increase your love-making stamina naturally and they work!


list of best numbing condoms

When you are dealing with a premature ejaculation situation, the fastest way to fix it is to slip on a numbing condom to dull some of the sensations responsible for triggering your uncontrolled climax.

The most effective ones I can recommend are Performax and Performax Intense by Durex, Extended Pleasure by Trojan, and Everlast Intense by LifeStyles!


  1. Immediate effect
  2. Should add at least 5-10 minutes to your sex “session
  3. Makes you safer from STD´s
  4. Some brands boost her experience as well

These condoms may cause extreme numbness and problems maintaining an erection. What is more, they reduce pleasure from sex and putting on a condom reduces spontaneity.

However, you will be able to fuck a girl for a long time, and that is what counts, right?


young gorgeous woman with bra on

If you’re just not the type of a guy that will slide on one of those thicker condoms, then you should work out your Pubococcygeus (PC) muscle. The very best way to do so is by practicing kegel exercises.

Here is a 4-step instructional guide worth following:

  1. First, locate it by trying to stop your urine flow while urinating
  2. This can be done by using your PC muscle
  3. Once identified, you should contract and release it daily for several times a day
  4. The precise numbers are highly individual and depend on your experience level and the regime you choose

Actually, this muscle can be strengthened to the point where you can even control and prolong your orgasms.


sexy young couple during foreplay

Guys usually count into the sex only things that happen after the penetration. However, women usually count in even foreplay (and they love it).

Therefore, by prolonging your foreplay, you will not only make her more satisfied but you will “artificially” extend the amount of time that you’re having sex.

Want to know how? Here are some tips you can use:

  • Kiss her passionately
  • Stimulate all her pleasure zones around her body
  • Undress her teasingly
  • Pay enough attention to her breasts
  • Eat her pussy a lot
  • Finger her like a pro

Just keep in mind that prolonging your foreplay will make her feel as though you last far longer than you normally do as women count it into sex session.

These first 3 methods were just quick fixes you can use tonight to gain few minutes to your performance. However, if you want to gain absolute control over your orgasm timing, then you need to apply at least some of the techniques below (more advanced tips that will take some time to master).



guy on bed looking on hot woman

Although it may be surprising for you, the time it takes until you ejaculate highly depends on the way you breathe. Therefore, for gaining absolute power over your ejaculations, the first thing you need to do is to learn how to breathe correctly.

All you need is to follow these steps:

  1. Try to relax as much as you can
  2. Breath deeply
  3. Inhale for five seconds into your belly
  4. Hold it in for three to five seconds
  5. Exhale for another five seconds
  6. Do this for five minutes before sex

Shallow and fast breathing often speeds things up during intercourse so try to keep this pattern even while making love! If you master this, you will defeat early climaxes once and for all.


the best sex story

Have you ever heard about the start and stop method? It is the old way of delaying, prolonging, and intensifying your orgasms. Sometimes people call it edging as well.

All you need is to follow these instructions:

  1. Have sex (or masturbate if you are training)
  2. Go until you feel you are close to losing control over your arousal
  3. At that time, take a little break
  4. Focus on pleasuring her during your “cooling down” period
  5. After your arousal level goes down, you can return to having sex (or masturbating)
  6. Repeat according to your and her needs

This way, you are rewiring your brain to automatically prolong the time it takes you before you ejaculate. Not only that, by bringing yourself on the verge of climax multiple times in a row will intensify your final orgasm.


squeezing technique

I bet you have already heard about this one. It is a method that adds only a few minutes from a short-term perspective. However, when doing this for quite some time it can have a significant impact on your overall sexual stamina.

Here are instructions you need to follow:

  1. Start having sex (or masturbating if you are just training)
  2. Continue until you feel over aroused (numbers 7 – 8 on a scale where 9 is point of no return and 10 is ejaculation)
  3. Once begin to feel over-aroused pull out your penis (or stop masturbating)
  4. Gently squeeze the head of your penis

Squeezing will make your penis less sensitive for a while and will give you few minutes. Begin with this technique as soon as possible to see the quickest results.


the young couple after sex

Some guys have problems to control their ejaculation because they are afraid that they will not be good in bed. Therefore, another method on this list is rather psychological.

You need to make yourself believe that you will be great during sex and will blow your load only when you decide to do so.

Here are some steps for you to follow:

  1. Relax and take some time to concentrate
  2. Try to “force” yourself to believe that next time you are going to have sex you will have much better stamina
  3. Visualize how your sex partner is climaxing before you do
  4. Continue until you feel the surge of confidence build up inside of you

You need to do this mental exercise daily until you achieve the desired effect. Trust me, this technique is very useful. Do not underestimate the power of human mind.


crazy couple having sex

Thrusting pattern and speed is something a lot of guys with ejaculation issues underestimate. I bet that you have already noticed that thrusting too deep and too fast can make you climax more quickly.

Well, this is something you need to pay close attention to.

If you have issues with early ejaculations, then I recommend you to adopt one of the following (and very useful) patterns I have managed to find on the internet.

7 Shallow vs. 9 deep:

I love this rhythm as it allows you to enjoy a lot of shallow as well as deep thrusts. You should focus on doing seven shallow thrusts (in and out is one thrust) followed by nine deep and slow ones.

Changing 10:

The origin of this pattern is in ancient “sex guides“. It works wonders in distracting your mind from focusing on your arousal. All you need is to make nine slow deep thrusts followed by one shallow.

Then you should continue with eight deep and two shallow. Then you will do seven deep before doing three shallow and so on.

Once you reach one deep and nine shallow, you can continue to gradually increase the number of deep thrusts back to ten. You should continue and adapt this rhythm according to needs of you and your partner.

Focusing on the right pattern may redirect your attention from sex and in this way reduce your arousal levels causing you to blow your load too soon. However, your sexual partner may notice that you are getting more distant during sex.


various kinds of creams

Guys, I have one advice left if you have tried each and every technique above and still have problems to maintain control over your arousal. If this is the case then you are either doing something wrong or your early climaxes may be a sign of some more severe health issue.

Therefore, you should go and get yourself checked up.

A professional examination of your situation by a medical expert will eliminate potential (health-related) causes of your issue and he or she may come up with a better remedy.

Luckily, this examination will not reveal any serious health-related causes of your premature ejaculation. Then I highly recommend going for numbing sprays and lotions as a last resort.

There are two good brands I would choose from:

  1. Promescent (works better)
  2. Stud100

Usually, the products that work the best are based on desensitizing substance called lidocaine. However, applying such a lotion in the heat of a moment may be a huge turn-off for some girls.

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