How to Use a Condom – Video Guide Step by Step

How to Use a Condom

Talk to your partner about safer sex. Then, follow these steps for correct condom use:

  1. Go to the store or health clinic and buy condoms. Make sure you check the expiration date on the box!
    The most common kind of condom is made out of latex. But if you or your partner is allergic to latex, you can also get condoms made out of polyurethane or polyisoprene. Lambskin condoms can protect against pregnancy, but do not protect against sexually transmitted infections (STIs) including HIV.
  2. When you are ready to have sex, check the expiration date on the individual condom packet.
  3. Once the penis is erect, open condom package with your fingers. Don’t use your teeth, or any sharp object, because you might accidentally break the condom!
  4. Squeeze the tip of condom with your fingers and place the rolled condom on head of penis.
  5. Leave a half-inch space at the tip of the condom to collect semen.
  6. Hold the tip of condom and unroll until penis is completely covered. If the condom doesn’t unroll easily – it is probably upside down. If it is upside down, then remove the condom, throw it away, and try again using new condom.
  7. After ejaculation, while the penis is still erect, hold condom at base of penis and carefully remove the condom without spilling any semen.
  8. Wrap the condom in tissue, or tie it in a knot and throw it away. (Don’t flush the condom down toilet.)
  9. Use a NEW condom for every act of vaginal, oral, and anal intercourse.

How to Use a Condom


It is also helpful to practice. Men can practice on themselves, and women can practice with bananas!

DO’s and DON’Ts of Condom Use

DO use a condom each and every time you have sex.
DO check the expiration date.
DO use water-based or silicone-based lubricants, such as KY Jelly, Astroglide or Eros.

DO NOT use a condom more than once
DO NOT use two condoms at the same time. The friction between the condoms may cause them to tear.
DO NOT use oil-based lubricants (like petroleum jelly or baby oil). They can cause the condom to break.
DO NOT use a condom if the individual condom packet is ripped.

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